Deaf-led Events at the Science Museum
Monthly update of SIGNtific events at the Science Museum:

Remember you can also find more information on our SIGNtific Facebook page: (like us and youll receive updates when we post!) and also from the Science Museum website: BSL events at the Science Museum or email the team:

SIGNtific Deaf-led events at the Science Museum for families:

SIGNtific Half Term 27th May:

1.30pm Storytelling for ages 7 and under  a storytelling adventure that takes you into Space to find out all about Stars!

A Star is Born: Join us on a journey of a lifetime, the lifetime of a star. From stellar nurseries to glittering galaxies!

3.30pm Show for ages 5 and over  a show about bubbles of all sizes going all over the place& with a little help from you!

Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles!: This interactive show features bubbles of all sizes going up, down, this way, that way, and all over the place& with a little help from the audience! Find out the secret Science Museum bubble recipe and you might even get the chance to step inside our famous human bubble.

SIGNtific Saturday 1st June:

1.30pm Storytelling for ages 7 and under  a storytelling adventure through the clouds about flying machines

Up, Up and Away!: Join us on this high flying adventure through the clouds in this fun interactive storytelling

3.30pm Workshop for ages 5 and over  a hands-on workshop where you can make your own moving robot that draws!

SM:Art Mechanics: Come along and build your own SM:Art Machine. These little bots will scribble and wriggle across your paper to create a doodling masterpiece.

Deaf-led events at the Science Museum for adults:

Lates (adults-only night at the Museum) May 29th The theme this month is Sexuality so join us for a Deaf-led tour about What can your genes say about you? and a BSL interpreted talk from biologist Simon Watt about the Science of Sex

19:30 Who Am I? Gallery tour  genetics, nurture and nature, journey from birth to death in this tour of the Who Am I? gallery

20:45 The Science of Sex (BSL interpreted)  Biology explains so much of what we do and why we do it. Come along and hear why we fancy someone? Why do we cheat? Does love exist?

All our Deaf-led events are voiceover interpreted and suitable for deaf and hearing families.

Please remember these events are subject to change, but you can keep up to date by checking out the SIGNtific Facebook page and BSL events at the Science Museum website and any questions feel free to contact

Happy Weekend!

The SIGNtific Team

Science Museum

Exhibition Road

South Kensington



t: 0207 942 4729




Source : Anna Fisher
Date : 24-May-13

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