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Sharron johnson  [02/02]  Liverpool

Graham Williams jr  [27/09]  Ecclefechan,Scotland
Those books is very good anyway I am still search for a nice woman any ages upto 60 and I wishes meet right woman for good company and outing and I still alone and free.hope one of you like to write me soon thanks. here email
cinderella  [02/06]  far far away
i'm very interested in the deaf dating site because i'am looking for my prince charming to put my glass sliper on. on of my mice friend is deaf and you have helped him.
Rebecca Azure  [03/05]  Sapulpa, Oklahoma
Thank you for improving the lives of our young ones that are unique to us :)
Simba  [09/03]  pride lands
I love this website, But i want to know more about the dating site. I am single and would like to meet a lovely lioness. x love simba
ssadasdsadsadsa  [09/03]  dasadadas
Rhona Edney  [03/03]  Bolton
Hi Cath, Just a quick update to say that the ladies I teach sign language too who are yoga teachers have had some deaf students attending and are doing brilliantly in signing - thanks again for all your help, as always. Regards Rhona
Luke Walker-Livsey  [09/01]  Manchester
I am learning Sign language for the Duke of Edingbrugh award... I would find it really helpfull if you could send me some links to some web sites where i can learn it even better. Thanks Luke

Try - this is a really good online BSL dictionary. And I understand that have online courses. You may also like to view our online shopping site which also has some useful Free Downloads. Thank you for visiting and signing in. Cath

Brynn  [29/12]  
Hi All I set up a new deaf dating site Please visit it and give your opioions. Thanks.
DeafDatingUK  [18/12]  UK
Hi, there has been a new website established for the UK deaf and HOH community that we thought you would be interested in. It is free to join and has been bringing together local UK deaf and HOH people together for friendship and romance. The website is, and if you feel it would be of interest to your visitors / members, perhaps we could get a mention on your website. Yours sincerely, Carl.
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