Topic: bsl stage2

sue    -- 01-11-2001 @ 3:27 PM
My names sue and I am currently studying for my stage 2 I was wondering if anyone could reccommend any good books or videos to help me??

Hopefully I will be able to meet up with some of the others on my course to practice as I feel it is this which is letting me down.

My other problem is that I am finding it hard to get into the deaf commnity where I live. (Dorset) any one got any ideas or advice??


Les    -- 01-15-2001 @ 12:50 PM
  Hi Sue Forest Bookshop at are a good scource of books etc, any problems e mail me for address. It is difficult to get into Deaf community but it is the best way to learn sign keep trying I am sure you will be rewarded

Regards Les

sue    -- 01-15-2001 @ 1:43 PM
  cheers les, I have found the forset books website and could quite easily spend a fortune!!
I think i'm going to get the bsl dictionary, and i've seen a few others i'm interested in, the cacdp stage 2 pack sounds good, but i thought i see what resources my tutor has got first.

Anyway spek to you again soon

mouse    -- 01-22-2001 @ 11:46 AM
  Hello Sue,

Les is right the forest bookstore is amazing and i know what you mean about spending money, lol, i have got my family to help me by asking for money for B/day presents and xmas presents, my videos and books are the best gift ever. The packs for stage 2 are brilliant, i had 1 and 2 for xmas this year, and find them very helpful.

fondest regards mousex

tinah    -- 05-20-2001 @ 12:49 AM
  My BSL stage 2 class ends next week and I have four months off before year 2 begins. I'm worried that I will forget everything I've learned this year. Does anyone know if the CD-ROMS really help you keep your signing? I really don't socialise well enough to go to a deaf club where I don't know anyone. Hope you can help

yours in friendship,

Viv    -- 06-30-2001 @ 12:34 AM
  I'm starting year2 as well, and I too am worried about forgetting everything I have learned. The CD-ROMS help me, as there isn't any deaf clubs in my area.

I practice every chance I get, and hopefully, over the summer I will get together with some of the other people in my class.


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