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mikejupp    -- 12-22-2000 @ 1:41 PM

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Les    -- 12-24-2000 @ 2:01 AM
  Hi Mike I do not know about nvq as I have just done stage two exam and are waiting for the results. I do know what you mean about approaching the Deaf community to learn sign, by far the best way to learn but it is daunting. in this area I am fortunate, the Deaf Club in Elgin allowed me to join as a member and enjoy my time with them. Often they ask me to sign for them on things like coach trips or sign Christmas songs at their church meeting. Try joining the Aberdeen Deaf club I know some of the people there and they are lovely people.

Regards Les

mikejupp    -- 12-27-2000 @ 2:06 PM
  Lah Dee Dah

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James    -- 12-28-2000 @ 7:50 AM
  Hi All I too have just taken level II and am awaiting the resuts. I agree that NVQ is not required by those like me who are deaf/deafened as I do not wish to pursue a career, but feel I could go on to learn more and stretch myself further. Why should we stop now? is there a danger here of a touch of arrogance or elitism creeping in to the Deaf Community?, at least the academic side of things.

Regards James

Les    -- 12-29-2000 @ 2:11 PM
  Hi Mike results through today I passed stage two, but like you I felt I failed. the main reason for this is because the two people were from Glasgow and I did not really understand their sign. Thankfully CACDP felt I passed

Regards Les

Les    -- 12-29-2000 @ 2:16 PM
  Hi again forgot to say my tutor was Donald

Regards Les

Les    -- 12-29-2000 @ 2:17 PM
  Hi James can you explain more what you mean I am a bit slow on the uptake

Regards Les

James    -- 12-30-2000 @ 6:59 AM
  Hi Les, The way I understand it is that the change from BSL Level 3 to NVQ level 3 is that in the past, passing level two was automatic qualification to go on and learn level 3 provided you had the cash or support, and the inclination. Now, because level 3 is NVQ ie National Vocational Qualification, if you are not now, or planning in the future to undertake a career working with Deaf/deaf people. you are excluded from progression to NVQ level 3, on the basis that it a Vocational qualification. I have been deaf from the age of eleven, losing all the hearing in one ear and 50% in the other due to an accident. I attended mainstream school and my first language is English, and I use BSL in a social capacity only. Therefore why should I be excluded from further academic achievement solely on the basis that I do not want to develop a career out of BSL.

Regards James

mikejupp    -- 12-30-2000 @ 12:06 PM

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Les    -- 01-09-2001 @ 12:10 PM
  Hi I had a talk with my Deaf friend anbout NVQ, she put forward a good reason i.e. she has met hearing people who have passed stage 2 but cannot or are too frightened to sign with her. Maybe if a person has not got the committment to meet Deaf people stage 2 is enough. Any other language you can go onto higher education if you want to understand the structure etc of the language, maybe this is what CACDP are trying to do to save resources. We are all human and hate change but I think there is a lot more to discover about NVQs my friend is involved with recieving info about this and I will try to keep you posted.

Regards Les

mikejupp    -- 01-11-2001 @ 2:25 PM

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maidmarion    -- 01-25-2001 @ 12:11 PM
  Regarding NVQ3.
For the past 4 years I have been working as a CSW at a local college. I am currently taking NVQ3 in Nottm and amongest other students, colleagues and Deaf friends we have had a great deal of discussion.

I passed my stage 2 several years ago and did a one year intensive Stage3 course, unfortunately I didnt pass the exam. For me the NVQ is a much better because I suffer from awful exam nerves and my signing goes to pot.

At the moment the courses are very new and adjustments are being made to it all the time. The old exam was a simple pass or fail in four sections. And if you failed everything you had to retake the whole exam, if you passed one part you would have to pay roughly £60 - £80 for each section you wanted to retake. With NVQ you can never "fail".

However some people have made the jump straight from Level 3 to NVQ and it can be too much for them. Especially if they dont mix socially or work with Deaf people. The receptive and production vocab simply isnt enough.

Some colleges run pre NVQ courses and I think this is a very valuable thing along with mixing and improving your signing skills before embarking on NVQ itself. Remember prices for courses range from £650 plus registration £50 upwards to £1000.

From what I can gather the NVQ may go two ways (but dont quote me on this) work related which is up and running now and in the distant future for people who would like to continue it socially.

Hope this has been some use to you


adarajames    -- 05-25-2002 @ 5:04 AM
  I am currently on a VQ 3 course being run by RNID for those working or plannign to work as CSWs. As I am currently unable to work due to ill health, I am finding the requirement to be using my sign regularly difficult to fulfil and am very worried that at next weeks course (the last block of taught work) I will be informed that I am not of the required standard to go forward for the VQ assessment, and even if I am, I am very concerned as to how I will get the expereince and time signing to build up my portfolio. Have tried to find a placement to do this that I can manage without being more unwell but with no success yet, any ideas appreciated (and I have to say without much support from the course, but anyway!) Personally I have little problems with taking exams and so in some ways the old stage 3 exam may have been easier, but I also think that the portfoio way is fairer as one has the time to build up the work to a standard where you are guareenteed a 'pass' especially important when you consider the costs of taking the sign exams! It is also a very useful way of ensuring those taking the 'exam' do actually have contact with Deaf people and are using the language regularly (Something I will fall down on!!). I do agree though that as it currently stands it does penalise those who wish to learn the language for its own sake, or for personal or leisure persuits, there should still be the option of being taught in the 'old' way so that everyone can continue and study to the level of their choice.
I feel that to bring the language up to an equal standing of other languages, more 'academic work' as various people here have termed it, is necessary, without this the language will not develop, and those that use it will not get the equality they deserve, and those working with it will not get the professional recognition they also deserve. For anyone who has any expereince of CSW type work will know how frustrating it can be to not be seen as a fellow professional by those you are working in the field of education with.
Right, sure I have rambled on more than enough and most go and finish working on translating articles for next weeks course!! Thanks for listening.

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