Topic: Stage I results

martin    -- 08-08-2001 @ 9:48 PM

I took my BSL I on 18th June, and not heard any results yet....I am starting to worry...

Do fails take longer to process
Have I been lost in the post
is there a backlog, and the suggested 3-4 weeks is well off mark, as I've been waiting 6 now, and getting jumpy every time the post comes...


sue    -- 08-12-2001 @ 2:17 PM
  hi Martin, Hope you have received your results by now!!!!
If not I wouldn't worry too much, they are really busy this time of year, our results took 5 weeks to arrive!

martin    -- 08-23-2001 @ 12:13 AM
  nope - still nothing.... Frown

getting worried and upset

should I contact CACDP

2 months is a long time

sue    -- 09-03-2001 @ 11:38 AM
  hi martin,

sorry i have not replyed sooner but my computer has been brokenfor the last week, finally an enginneer came today and i'm back online!!! Smile

I really do hope you have heard by now, can ou not contact your tutor, or any one else that was in your class to see if they have heard anything.... if not I would give cacdp a call see what they say.


martin    -- 09-04-2001 @ 3:08 AM
  still nowt...

others in my group have heard, but tutor is still on holiday, so cant get hold of him.

CACPD say it has been send, but not the result


sue    -- 09-05-2001 @ 1:49 PM
  oh poor you, that must be so frustrating, will they send another copy, maybe its been lost in the post?

Hope you hear soon and its a favourable result, letus know

amui33    -- 09-07-2001 @ 12:59 PM
  I hope you have your results now, Martin I have just got mine - I passed, I really thought I had failed - so be encouraged - if by some chance you failed ask for a retake - they will be videoing actual exams in the very near future, this should help with disputes over results. I enrol for Stage II tomorrow; wish me luck

I've just become a grandma too so it is celebrations all round just a shame I am all on my tod!


sue    -- 09-07-2001 @ 1:43 PM
Glad to hear you passed amui33, I took my stage two couple of months ago, they already video record the stage 2's in case of disputes, there are two examiners, but if you want to appeal it costs £50!!
Hope you have heard martin!!!!

amui33    -- 09-13-2001 @ 1:33 PM
  Have you had your results yet?

I had my first Stage 2 class this week!
My name is Maryann


martin    -- 09-14-2001 @ 5:11 AM
  nope - still not heard....asked for a replacement...perhaps that takes another 2 months

was going to do stage 2, but all local places gone now, as i was waiting to see if i had passed first


sue    -- 09-14-2001 @ 2:22 PM
  Don't give up, ring the colleges again and see if there is a waiting list, last year my friend couldn't get on a course but there were some people who didn't turn up and others dropped out so she was able to take their place.
You really should complian to CACDP, good luck

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