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Les    -- 12-22-2000 @ 11:24 AM
  Hi I heard recently children in America are suing their parents because of their cochlear implants. The reason is because it has robbed them of their cultural heritidge any one else hear this rumour?


mikejupp    -- 12-22-2000 @ 1:50 PM

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Les    -- 12-22-2000 @ 2:18 PM
  I also have strong feelings about this subject. What I do not understand why do the "professional" people involved cannot see the harm they are doing to the deaf culture. I say teach the deaf in their language and if they choose to have implant later in life fine.


mikejupp    -- 12-23-2000 @ 7:13 AM

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JimWitt    -- 02-03-2001 @ 10:12 AM
  I was an educational interpreter in the American Public School System for two years. My first student was a 12 year old girl with a cochlear implant. Both the girl and her parents were going through denial about the child's hearing loss from menegits when she was a baby.

We'll call the girl "Megan". She is a strong willed child who refused to accept the idea she has a hearing disability, never realizing that she misses a lot in conversation and classroom lecture. She will survive in the hearing world and I feel some of the thoughts and ideas I passed onto Megan will help her get along in the world.

There were times though that she turned to the old explain what was going on around her. I didn't interpret for her anymore because there is a mismatch of our personalities.

Children suing parents in the U.S. doesn't surprise me and the courts meddling with the family unit continues. When I was growing up we earned our freedom by respecting my parents and following house rules. Today, the kids have more rights than the parents.Name of the site

Best always,
Jim Witt

Billy123    -- 02-28-2001 @ 8:26 AM
  Having read the comments of the "Anti Cochlear Implant Brigade" I would just like to ask who do you think you people are, to sit in judgement on those parent who have agonised over the decision of having the implant for their childeren.As a parent of a child who has had the implant I can only comment on how wonderful my child feels since having the implant.My child has come on remarkably since having the implant and can not bear to be without it.I would just like to add that if someone lost a leg would the same people be talking about violating a persons rights by having an artificial limb.Your Name

kylie20    -- 06-21-2001 @ 7:13 AM
  I would like to hear from any one with their views on cochlear implants. Do they work?? Do you think that they are a waist of time having them?? Should children the age of 2 have these??

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Many thanks!

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